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After years of leaks, rumors, and limitless speculation, Ford validated that it’s lastly bringing the Bronco SUV back to North American showrooms. The timing is right: Gas prices are fairly low, drivers are buying SUVs quicker than car business can build them, and the footage of O.J. Simpson on the run is collecting dust together with the Sega Saturn in the pantheon of 1990s history.

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While the hotly anticipated Bronco won’t make its public launching up until 2020 at the earliest, Ford revealed a pre-production model to a carefully selected group of dealerships in March 2019, and a few of them have spoken anonymously about what they saw during the presentation. Their insight signs up with a range of dripped patent filings to paint the very best photo yet of the 21st-century version of Ford’s first SUV.

What will it appear like?

Photography was not allowed throughout the event, but dealers who attended it told market trade journal Automotive News that they saw a two-door off-roader with a removable hardtop and detachable doors. Patent filings uncovered by AutoGuide validate that the doors come off, Jeep Wrangler-style.

Upfront, it sports a heritage-laced design with round headlights and a rectangle-shaped grille, implying it’s a homage to the original model made between 1966 and 1977. We say that with a high degree of certitude because it was the only version of the truck fitted with round lights, later models got rectangular units. An earlier teaser image (shown above) suggests the extra tire is connected to the rear end.

The two-door design will develop a direct link between the new Bronco and its predecessors. The lineup will include a more practical four-door version, too.

Ford progressively depends on aluminum to help its heaviest models shed weight, and the Bronco could benefit from the light-weight material. It might not be all-aluminum for cost factors, however using aluminum body panels would boost both fuel economy and efficiency, while likewise assisting heaven Oval to gain the financial benefits of economies of scale. The F-150 and the Expedition are currently aluminum-intensive.

What’s under the sheet metal?

Established as a true off-roader, the Bronco will feature rugged body-on-frame building and construction. It will ride on the development of the frame that underpins the 2019 Ranger. However, it will not be connected to the Explorer-sized Everest SUV offered in nations such as Australia and Thailand. The dealerships’ feedback put those rumors to rest once and for all. Simply slapping a Bronco badge on an existing model would not have been good enough to honor the heritage-laced nameplate.

” People have a concept of what a Bronco needs to be, and definitely, we have a concept of what a Bronco ought to be, so we’re eagerly anticipating bringing that to our customers,” stated Raj Nair, Ford’s previous chief technical officer, in an interview with Autoline.

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Specifications sheet

Although it entered popular culture as a trip vehicle, the Bronco started life as a true, no-nonsense 4 × 4 with better-than-average off-road expertise. The next-generation model will continue that pattern by providing a generous quantity of ground clearance, 4×4, and possibly even strong axles produced by Dana.

Technical requirements stay unofficial at this point. If we needed to guess, we ‘d state that Bronco’s base powertrain will be a turbocharged EcoBoost V6 engine bolted to a 10-speed automated transmission. A model-specific version of the 2019 F-150’s 3.0-liter turbodiesel V6 could be used as a more efficient alternative. However, a turbo-four looks a little bit not likely due to the model’s size and weight. Nevertheless, experts acquainted with Ford’s product plan suggest there are tentative plans for a gasoline-electric hybrid version.

What will its rivals be?

The 1960s and 1970s were the best time to shop around for an open-top off-roader. American purchasers had at least seven choices to select from, including models built by Jeep, Chevrolet, GMC, Dodge, Plymouth, International-Harvester, and, of course, Ford.

In 2018, the only topless 4 × 4 with body-on-frame building and construction was the classic Jeep Wrangler. The Bronco will rekindle a decades-old rivalry by contending in the very same segment as Jeep’s well-known off-roader. It’s about time; we’re amazed the Wrangler has stayed in a class of one for this long.

The Bronco and the Wrangler might not have the marketplace to themselves for very long, however. Unverified reports claim GMC will go back to the sector after the turn of the coming decade, but nothing is official at this point; some rumors declare the project has been canceled. Parent company General Motors has considered a new Wrangler-punching model for several years, but, as far as we understand, the model has never made it past the drawing board.

When will I be able to purchase one?

The Michigan-built Ford Bronco is tentatively arranged to get in production in 2020, so expect to see it no later than early 2020. The next edition of the Detroit Auto Show will occur in June, not in January like it constantly has so that the Bronco might welcome the public for the first time at a standalone occasion, or online. Regardless, the very first examples will arrive in display rooms in time for the 2021 model year.

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Rates will likely start in the vicinity of $30,000. When it arrives, it will share display room space with a smaller, less rugged soft-roader billed as a baby Bronco.

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